In follow up…

I will be uploading my latest book “Let’s Get Ready for PreAlgebra” in PDF format very soon.  I will be charging only $2.00 per download.  It’s a 207 page book, and very thorough.  The money I make for the downloads goes toward maintaining the goals for this blog…and maybe toward buying a ticket to see Roger Waters who is coming here in June.

I want to address something very important.

A lot of people have asked me about my thoughts on our school system and if that had any bearing on my poor performance in school.  I am afraid I wont answer that, not because I don’t know the answer, but because I don’t care.  Blaming teachers or a system is very tasteless to me.  Like in any field, there are good ones and bad ones.  There a horrible teachers and there are great teachers.  I have failed under horrible teachers and I have failed under fantastic teachers.

Anybody who knows me personally will tell you that there isn’t much that upsets me.  I am a pretty laid back, easy going guy.  However, I am a human being which means I have pet peeves.  The single most pet peeve that I have is dealing with complainers…which I admit that complaining about complainers is highly ironic.  Nonetheless, me blaming teachers or some system is counterproductive and I would only get annoyed at myself.

I am bringing this up to weed out any potential followers of my blog.  If you want to find a blog that will let you vent your aggression about how schools have wronged you, I am afraid you have the wrong blog.

My goal for this blog isn’t to just get any followers, it’s to get the right followers.  I want this blog to blossom with ideas of  innovation, creativity, and originality from all of you. To help each other, not just with math and science, but with critical thinking, reasoning, and logic.  It’s a place to discuss a free market of ideas for inventions, industrialization, and problem solving.

I have always been fascinated with the human mind.  Our imagination keeps us going forward.  Most things can be encapsulated by the sum of its’ parts.  However, the imagination can surpass that law in that no matter how many parts we can think of, the imagination will always be greater.

Thanks for listening.  The pdf version will be here shortly.